Actually, it’s more like the Anti-‘Wedding Band’ Wedding Band…

To clarify – we don’t hate Weddings, we absolutely love them! We never wanted to seem like a band with no personality who look like they’re just ‘phoning it in’. As performers, we want to be engaging, interactive and fun without compromising our own approach to music, while staunchly avoiding the cringe-factor!

A wedding is by far the most important day in the shared life of a couple, up there with the birth of their children (although I can’t speak from experience on the latter!). It certainly was for me and my wife, and we wanted every element of the day to reflect us – our personalities, our tastes, our hopes and dreams. So I can completely empathise with a couple who want the music to embody their preferences. It still has to be entertaining, to get their guests up and dancing, but it doesn’t have to be just modern chart pop (although we love a bit of that too!).


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