I was asked to provide a ‘Caroloke’ service for the Authentic Food Company’s Christmas Bash at the Comedy Store in Manchester. It turned out to be such a success that I was asked back the following two years!

So what is ‘Caroloke’? Essentially, it’s Carol Karaoke! You probably guessed that already though…

Myself and my longtime musical collaborator Jim Wilson assembled a songbook of well-known Christmas songs, from All I Want for Christmas to White Christmas, via Last Christmas. Attendees were encouraged (with the help of a few mulled wines) to join us on the stage and perform the lead vocals duties one at a time, or in small groups.

Everyone was issued a copy of the lyric book and could join in with a rousing singalong whether on stage or not. They didn’t take much warming up, and before long it felt like there were more folks on stage with us than there were singing along from the audience area.

A fantastic experience, to be ‘singing by the seat of our pants’ and providing a unique experience for the guests in attendance. And now we have an extensive collection of Christmas flavoured numbers under our belts to boot!

Ho ho ho!


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