If you’re looking for a fantastic, full sounding, energetic band to make sure your wedding reception or party goes off with a bang, look no further than the Gillan Edgar Band.

We pride ourselves on being unlike a typical Wedding Band – we aim to deliver our firebrand guitars and layered harmonies with a passion that’s lacking in a lot of bands we’ve seen on the circuit.

We love playing live, and that attitude feeds the energy of any crowd we’re performing for; be it a wedding, Christmas party, corporate event or just a good old knees up at one of our public gigs. We’ve got over 6 years of experience getting the dancefloor heaving and keeping the crowd on their feet.

If good quality music delivered professionally is important to you (and why shouldn’t it be!) then we’re already on the same wavelength.

Get in touch via phone or email to discuss how we can fit into your event.


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