Live Showcase || Thursday 30th January 2020 || Albert’s Schloss || 10pm onward

2020, where in the flippin’ pancake competition did you spring from? You cheeky young thing, a new decade – a new beginning. And plenty of the same old brain-busting techno-societal upheaval we’ve all come to know and love in the preceding decade no doubt.

Let’s kick things off in good style this year with a little bit of what I like to call BLISTERINGLY HOT INDIE FLAVOURED POP ROCK WITH A SIDE ORDER OF SOULFUL SINGALONGS AND SUCHLIKE. Catchy, no? And what better arena in which to display our wares than Manchester’s Top Live Venue – Albert’s Schloss? None, that’s who. What.

For the love of all that is good about life, come and join us on Thursday 30th Jan from the usual time (10pm) for a hefty dose of all your favourites, some forgotten – some yet to be discovered! It’s free entry and an amazing setting to throw off your January cares, let down your hairs and write out your heirs. Well maybe not so much that last one – probably best to find a quiet study to make any amendments to your last will and testament.

The only thing you’ll be inheriting from us, however, is an infectious sense of optimism heading into this fruitful new decade. People gotta love the people, there’s something to be said about one-on-one communication, and a lot more besides about shared experiences in the physical realm. We’d love to see you there, and we want to hear your fabulous requests!



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Albert’s Schloss, Peter Street, Manchester – Thursday 30th January 2020


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