Live Showcase || Thursday 21st March 2019 || Albert’s Schloss || 10pm onward

Spring is almost sprung, and the songs they shall be sung!

What a wonderful way to get into the warmer weather and lighter nights; sauntering down lasciviously to Manchester’s Premiere Live Venue and copping an ear-and-eyeful of the plucky youngish pop-rock-punskters The Gillan Edgar Band…

I can almost hear it now… “Do you know any Drake…?” “What time are you on…?” “Is that your vehicle outside in the loading bay, sir…?” – it’s an inimitable experience. I certainly daren’t imitate it!

We’ll be starting things large at 10pm, and with free entry all night to the best Thursday evening venue in Manchester there’s no better place to assert the dominance of your dancefloor digits (swill a fair few pints of unpasteurised pleasure-pop) and assume the position of a fully entertained and enthralled audience!

Mercy very much beaucoup!,


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Albert’s Schloss, Peter Street, Manchester – Thursday 21st March 2019


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