How do lads and lasses!

So, it was Tatton Park time again this weekend past, and I’m still recovering from the aftermath! I’d love to say the load in and load out gets easier and swifter each year but sadly not – still the last exhibitors to leave on sunday night! I wouldn’t be happy with a half-hearted stand though…

For those of you who took a CD but didn’t get a chance to talk to me, this is a headsup that the live showcase is taking place this coming Saturday at Hogan’s of Hale (9th Feb 2013). It’s free entry until 10:30, but we’re on from about 9:30 so you’ll already be in the thick of it anyway! It’s the four-piece band, so you’ll get an idea of the kind of repertoire and energy we can bring to your evening reception. Requests gladly taken!

Check the audio page for a little hint of what’s in store this Saturday. Come and say hello when you make it down!

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Hogan’s of Hale, Crown Passages, Hale, Cheshire, WA15 9SP – 0161 929 1755


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