Live Showcase || 8th March 2018 || Albert’s Schloss || 10pm onward

Ey up! We’re getting into the swing of it now, aren’t we? A nice little ‘ease-you-into-Easter’ event here, if it in’t yer old pal Gilligan and his musi-mates making a splash at Albert’s very own Schloss again, wouldyoubelieveit?

It’s yet another opportunity to see (and hear) the Gillan Edgar 4 piece band in the fleshy-flesh in downtown Manchester. Causing further ruckus in Peter Street’s premiere live venue, we’ll be taking requests at the speed of pop – with nary a moment to catch our breath never mind your fantastic song suggestions…

So kickoff is set for about 10, with free entry to the best Thursday night spot for choice beers, hearty food and the best aural equivalent to Chocolate Eggs this side of Easter sunday… The Gillan Edgar Band!

All the best,


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Albert’s Schloss, Peter Street, Manchester


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