As promised, Vimeo is once again playing ball, and I can finally post the most recent ‘Live in Studio G’ performance – ‘Make You Feel My Love’.

This song is familiar to most as a beautiful, simple and very powerful ballad from Adele’s first album, 19. Originally written by Bob Dylan, I think she did a fantastic job of personalising it, and making it sound like one of her own.

One of my couples this year have requested that I perform it for their first dance, so I thought it would be cool to capture some of the rehearsal process. With the help of Rebecca Reville ( filming of the first few run throughs actually evolved into another Live session shoot!

So, a cold February night, in Studio G near the MEN Arena, on the old rickety joanna, here is my version of ‘Make You Feel My Love’:

Let me know what you make of my interpretation of this beautiful song, and if you have any suggestions as to what I can tackle next…


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